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Staying organized throughout summer

Between vacations, barbecues and pool parties, we may forget our routine and projects!

Between the start of summer and in mid-summer, we may ask ourselves, “Why do things seem to feel out of control? I may plan on organizing pictures, painting old furniture,  and waking up with no alarm clock this weekend but none of that has happened yet!”

Although this scenario is very common, there is still a bright side. The bright side being that it is never too late to get organized.

People usually get preoccupied with outdoor activities and become busy by vacations, plus household schedules and routines are usually much different than during the rest of the  year. The most common areas that seem to spiral out of control are:

  • Summer clutter
  • Project procrastination
  • Sleep routines

Listed below are some tips for getting and remaining organized throughout summer.

Clutter in the Summer

Humans have become conditioned to traditions and habits. We purchase fresh furniture and decorations for our backyard barbeque decor. Then we bring along our friends and family for camping adventures including new tools and equipment. Along this we hold family reunions and other vacations during the summer.

We are used to buying, planning, and preparing for events but we don’t always have ways to handle the mess made afterwards.

It could be the time to kiss the random things we buy goodbye, such as walkie talkies, swimming pool noodles, and broken picnic tables! This could eliminate some of the already clutter that has been formed.

Clutter in the Summer

I suggest these two steps for resolving summer clutter:

  1. Get together all summertime clutter. Clean out the souvenir bags, toiletry kits, suitcases, and backpacks. Put it all together in one place.
  2. Examine it. I suggest the use of a value-based point system. This system is used b placing a rate on each item on a scale of 0 to 5. Zero means you have no actual use for it in the future and don’t really enjoy it. On the other end, five means you love the item and have use for it, or keeping it just brings you joy.

Procrastinating on a Project

Sometimes we feel like we become disorganized and unsure of what to do with our free time that we get throughout the summer. This is because the first half of the year is spent pushing off projects until summer arrives.

With every passing year, the projects build up while waiting to be completed in the summer. Every year, we always forget that we enjoy spending time in nature, travelling, and hanging with friends.

If you are looking to eliminate some pressure off of yourself, remove yourself from too many good intentions, such as repainting the bathroom, or finally reading those books you’ve been trying to complete.

Instead of this, just zoom in on one project and tackle it. If you make this one project priority, you can do it bit by bit. This is so you do not feel bad about not completing a project, break it down to doing it daily and piece by piece.

Sample Summer Project

Want to paint that dresser? Allow yourself 13 “moments” to complete the project and never miss a bit of summer fun. Use this project breakdown to make any project fit in around your unpredictable summer schedule.

Painting that dresser you bought at a yard sale

  • Take a “before” picture: 30 seconds
  • Write out supplies needed: 5 minutes
  • Buy paint and supplies: 1 hour
  • Stage the area where you want to paint: 15 minutes
  • Remove the drawers from the dresser: 3 minutes
  • Take off the knobs from the drawers: 10 minutes
  • Sand the dresser and drawers: 35 minutes
  • Wipe down the dresser and drawers: 10 minutes
  • Paint just a drawer or two (then repeat): 30 minutes
  • Paint dresser’s frame: 1 hour
  • Attach the knobs again: 20 minutes
  • Move dresser to preferred location: 20 minutes
  • Take picture and post for friends to see: 3 minutes

Sleep Routines

We all know how important and crucial sleep is.

According to professional organizer and Author, Val Sgro, “you know that babies and children need sleep to grow,”

That old saying, ‘I’ll sleep on it,’ comes from realizing a solution to a situation after you have a good night’s sleep and had the opportunity to think that problem over.

Sleep Routines

“Contrary to common belief, your brain does not rest when you sleep,” she also adds. “It is often more active than when you’re awake. It’s busy — busy making sure it stays organized.”

Within that lies the key to finding and remaining organized throughout your summer. Even though sleep routines are likely to get off track, it is well worth it to mention the question, “How will I be able to get seven or eight hours of sleep tonight? How will I fit it in?”

Sometimes you might need an afternoon nap or maybe put yourself and the kids to bed a little earlier! More sleep leads to better decision making while packing to travel, too!

Throughout vacations and road trips; if you take in less sugar or caffeine when in need of an energy boost. This can also be achieved by arriving with a overall better outlook for the day. Towards the middle of summer traveling and hosting guests for a week, better energy overall can be a great benefit to you all!

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