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Prepare your home for summer

Get a head start on your home’s summertime needs now to assure you have more time to soak in the sun!

Here are some quick tips and tricks to prepare your home, and your garden, more comfortable and cost-effective as we head into summer.

For the Inside of the House:

  • Service the air conditioning. Don’t let a bad air-conditioning unit ruin your summer! Keep it running smoothly and cooling by servicing and checking it in the Spring! Change the filter, and clean out the drain lines with bleach, and ensure the outdoor unit can breathe and allow the vegetation to grow by keeping it an arm’s length away.
  • Replace smoke detector batteries. The oncoming stress will disappear after handling this chore. Switch all the batteries in the same day and set a reminder to do it again in six months. If the smoke alarms were manufactured ten plus years ago, the alarms should be replaced entirely.
  • Rotate ceiling fan blades. If your ceiling fan has a switch that changes the direction of the turning blades, assure that your blades are moving counterclockwise and moving all the air down, instead of up.
  • Clean behind appliances. The shadows and corners of your kitchen scare you, but it is time to handle business and handle it. Bring the disinfectant cleaner and pull the oven out to conquer it.
  • Clean dryer vents. When your clothes leave the dryer and they are damp, it is likely your vent is clogged with lint. This means it is wasting energy and creating a fire risk. In order to complete it the first time and do it correctly, it is recommended that you buy a vent-cleaning kit. Its bendy rod and brush will link to your drill and extract a “puppy-sized” amount of lint in no time.
  • Upgrade your thermostat. If you switch out your current thermostat for a “smart model,” it will save you money and benefit your home. The smart model will respond to your voice, and divert cooler air with rooms with higher occupancies. It can also be operated from your phone and provide you with a weather forecast before you arrive to work.
  • Repot houseplants. Provide your houseplants with fresh potting mixes in the spring as they are actively growing. Then slip the amounts of roots and potting mix outside of the pot and then easily tear the roots. After this, remove rotting pieces and switch it with a mix that is fresh and fertile. When the leave begin to turn pale from the bright sun, place them in a shady spot.

Out in the yard:

  • Patch your lawn. After a certain amount of time, you should plant new grass seeds, or even sod as weeds will begin to fill in all gaps for you. But, grass will establish before the weeds even have the opportunity to arise. You can help eliminate the chances of weeds by using topsoil and keeping the areas irrigated for the first two weeks.
  • Inspect gutters and downspouts. There is never a wrong time to clean out your gutters, especially if you are surrounded by any messy trees. Assure that the gutters are attached to your roof and fix any gaps with silicone caulk and also remove any barrier that lay at the bottom of the gutter downspout.
  • Inspect sprinklers. Once you identify any broken or clogged sprinkler heads, you should turn off the water and then dig a two inch diameter hole around the head. Then if you notice any clogged or broken sprinkler heads, shut off the water and dig a 2-inch diameter hole around the head. After this, take off the head from the riser and then screw on the new one. If there is a clogged head, take off the basket and rinse that and the head in clean water. Finally, assemble the head and put it back on the riser.
  • Get your mower up and running. Before the start of summer, clean up your mower, string trimmer, and other lawn equipment. You can do this by taking off the spark plug, changing the air filters and the oil, and then sharpen the blades. This will give your mower a good cleaning going into the summer’s start.
  • Remove hornet nests. When hornet nests, yellow jackets, and paper wasps near your home, follow the steps needed to remove them before they assemble into a colony surrounding your home. This can be done by calling a professional, or even just spray the nests at night when they are less likely to swarm. Don’t forget to wear eye equipment, a mask, pants, and long sleeves.
  • Clean the grill. In order to prevent flare ups and cooking fires during your summer BBQs, clean your grill up before you begin cooking. It is ideal to clean the grill after each use, but you can also use a grill brush, a nozzle, and a damp rag. It is also a good idea to stock up on charcoal and get all your tools ready for the season of grilling.

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