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Redlands, CA History

Redlands has strong historical traditions, and many old structures remain there. Downtown Redlands has the same buildings which were there 75 years to a century ago. Some private homes and businesses in the downtown area are also over 75 years of age. In 2013, called Redlands one of its Top 100 Best Places to live in, standing 87 on the list. The median home price in Redlands is $319,100. Also, home appreciation this past year has been 25.60 percent. Redlands in some way seems shielded from the weather that the encompassing metropolitan areas get in that region. Some miles away the winds can get to as much as eighty mph, but in Redlands, only sweet minimal breezes pass through this virtually perfect city. It rarely rains and snow appears only on particularly exceptional occasions. This town is actually an oasis in the desert, as it is in the perfect spot to stay away from hurricanes, tornados, mud slides and flooding. If you are already thinking of buying a home, Redlands CA is a great place to consider. Redlands is a fairly small town, with a whole lot of cultural activities. The College or university of Redlands affects everything that occurs here essentially. There is small nightlife downtown, but everything is mainly family-friendly. Every Thursday there's a farmer's market, which is downtown also. During the Summer and Spring there are many shows, plays, and concerts at the Redlands Bowl. Although there are a great number of activities, Redlands is a peaceful city.


1. Family-friendly Neighborhood

Redlands has all the makings of a vintage All-American City. Once you stroll down state Road, you'll see why. The little retailers on either side of the pedestrian-friendly shopping district are pleasant and welcoming. There is plenty of foods, gifts and all other kinds of shopping accessible there.

2. Restaurants

Redlands has a plethora of restaurants, from casual to fine dining. Some of the more eminent venues include, The Restaurant of Joe Greensleeves, which has terrific American and European repasts, and among many others, Isabella's Ristorante Italiano. This has really good Italian food. Las Brasas is an excellent Mexican restaurant. Le Basil has a good South Asian type food, which is a sit back restaurant. Famous Dave's Dave's is an excellent place for ribs and bbq style food. The Gourmet Pizza restaurant is wonderful if you are looking for good pizza with a number of topping like mash potatoes. Nick's Burger has great burgers. Hello Sushi offers the best sushi. Baker's is the best fast food restaurant for burger and burritos with good fries.

3. Tourist attractions

There are many interesting things you can do in Redlands, but the one which will stick out with everyone is the Lincoln Memorial Shrine. They have all things Civil war and Abraham Lincoln in this little museum on Vine Neighborhood. There is also a Civil War issued Medal of Honor on display. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in the near perfect city of Redlands contact one of The DeBonis Team's Professional Realtors. Luc & Stephenie have vast knowledge of the Inland Empire Real Estate market and can help you with any and all of your real estate needs.

Redlands Real Estate

Living in The City of Redlands matched by not only its rich history, but also by its amazing homes. Historic homes blended with modern designs create a living experience authentic only to Southern California.  Every home features spacious living areas with warm and cozy bedrooms as well as many luxurious amenities. Are you interested in seeing what Redlands real estate has to offer, view a current list of homes for sale in the Redlands area. When you find a home you would like to view, Contact The DeBonis Team to schedule a showing.Homes For Sale Button

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