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The Long-Term Benefit of Homeownership

Today’s cooling housing market, the rise in mortgage rates, and mounting economic concerns have some people questioning: should I still buy a home this year? While it’s true this year has unique challenges for homebuyers, it’s important t

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The Cost of Waiting for Mortgage Rates To Go Down

Mortgage rates have increased significantly in recent weeks. And that may mean you have questions about what this means for you if you’re planning to buy a home. Here’s some information that can help you make an informed decision when you s

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How To Prep Your House for Sale This Fall

Today’s housing market is different than it was just a few months ago. And if you’re thinking about selling your house, that may leave you wondering what you need to do differently as a result. The answer is simple. Taking the time upfront

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The True Strength of Homeowners Today

The real estate market is on just about everyone’s mind these days. That’s because the unsustainable market of the past two years is behind us, and the difference is being felt. The question now is, just how financially strong are homeowner

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Your Septic Systems

Do Not Forget to Check on Your Septic Systems! Here is Why… A septic inspection is a home maintenance task that is easy to forget and deal with. They only exist in the backyard so it contributes to the idea of ‘out of sight, out of mine...

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Where should I live?

One of the critical questions to ask when buying a home is “Where Should I Live?”. This question is very important chiefly for two reasons: Location determines your quality of life Location determines resale value of your home. ...

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What does CFD mean on your property tax bill?

What does CFD mean on your property tax bill? This question has come up many times recently and in an effort to educate our clients as well as readers we will discuss CFD and why it appears on your property tax bill. If you recently purchased a...

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Simple to Elegant: Top 5 Eateries in Riverside CA

The wide variety of eatery options available in the City of Riverside, range from a simple afternoon out to a fancy night out on the town! Whether you are craving a deep dish pizza and a draft beer, or a juicy steak and a creamy desert, Riversi...

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Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Agent

If you are in the market to sell your house, there’s something very important you should know. Real Estate Agents Are NOT All The Same! Your decision to place your home for sale involves more than simply dropping a sign in the front yar...

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Clutter in the Summer

Staying organized throughout summer

Between vacations, barbecues and pool parties, we may forget our routine and projects! Between the start of summer and in mid-summer, we may ask ourselves, “Why do things seem to feel out of control? I may plan on organizing pictures, pain...

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Prepare your home for summer

Get a head start on your home’s summertime needs now to assure you have more time to soak in the sun! Here are some quick tips and tricks to prepare your home, and your garden, more comfortable and cost-effective as we head into summer. ...

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Aesthetic Green Interior

Personalize your home

By surrounding your home and daily life with reminders of your favorite things can also add meaning to your favorite spaces. Your home is a reflection of who you are, and you entirely are more than a paint color or a piece of furniture. ...

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Keep your home warm this winter

Keep your home warm this winter by Finding and fixing drafty windows Drafts, be gone! Find them, seal them and banish them for good in 3 steps. The weather is cooling down, can you feel it? Rather than wait around for the temperature to plummet...

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